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Learning Detectives

At North Birmingham Academy we are firm believers in the power and importance of student opinions. The aim of our Learning Detectives initiatives is to give students a say on learning that takes place within the classroom.

‘Learning Detectives’ is an established initiative which gives students the power to help dictate their classroom experience. The student voice scheme develops independent and responsible learners. Student Detectives are nominated by other students and spend time observing lessons. They are then responsible for giving teachers confidential feedback which they can then use to improve students’ learning experiences.

The main roles and responsibilities of our Learning Detectives are:

  • To observe lessons and learn how to give feedback that is clear and understandable
  • To encourage team work and communications
  • To improve lessons by giving feedback
  • To help children learn easier

As the project has developed, students have been involved in a number of activities, helping to advance student experience in the academy, including: presentations to staff, observing staff interviews, producing learning aids including posters and observing staff in the Academy on specific elements of lessons.

Reviews from students

"Learning Detective helps not only the pupils but the whole Academy. It helps the school to improve lessons and learning."

"Detectives will give teachers feedback making sure it is confidential and tell teachers what they can do that will benefit their class."