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Head Boys & Head Girls Announcement

The role of Head Boy and Head Girl is key for our students to have a voice when decisions are being made within the Academy.  Having a head boy and girl in each year group is a decision which has been made so that all year groups have an equal say and input into the future of our ever changing Academy.  Students within the `Head Boy & Girl team` will directly reflect the Academies Senior Leadership Team.  The students have all received an Academy Leadership tie and have been given a number of tasks to complete ready for the next meeting. 

The students who have been selected are;

Year 7

  • Grace Drummond
  • Connor O'Kane

 Year 8

  • Shelly Beresford
  • Romario Green

 Year 9

  • Dee Dee Mafemba
  • Josh Bricknall

Year 10

  • Jamie-Lee Lee-Grant
  • Lance Palmer

Year 11

  • Maria Omer
  • Anmol Goel

Year 12

  • Laila Mafemba & Niebh Austin
  • Adrian Kandalsko & Keanu Guido

Year 13

  • Kourtney Gaynor & Deja McIntosh
  • Pedro Evans & Darius Spooner-Cowan