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Our Governance

E-ACT Governance Structure

E-ACT’s governance structure is based on the establishment of Regional Teams that will be led by a Regional Director of Education and a Regional Director of Operations. The Regional Directors will be supported by a series of expert System Leaders.

For the Regional Education team, this will include:

  • a Safeguarding & Attendance System Leader;
  • a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) & Behaviour System Leader;
  • a Data System leader; and
  • Subject Specialist System Leaders (depending on the needs of the region).

The Regional Education Director holds the Principal to account on the performance of each academy within their region, acting under the delegated authority of the E-ACT Board of Trustees. In turn, the Regional Education Directors are held to account by the National Director of Education for the academies within their region, and the National Director of Education and the CEO are directly accountable to the Board of Trustees.

North Birmingham Academy has 6 weekly Raising Achievement Board meetings to ensure that the academy is being supported and scrutinised in its educational performance. The educational Raising Achievement Boards are led by the Regional Education Director, with attendance from the relevant regional System Leaders and Academy Senior Leadership Team.

Alongside the Raising Achievement Boards, E-ACT has established advisory bodies in each academy called the Academy Ambassadorial Advisory Group (AAG). The Academy Ambassador remit will has four key elements:

  • Celebration: to help to make sure that celebration of staff, pupils and parents remains a priority for each academy, and to find the best way to do this.
  • Communication: to work with staff, pupils and parents to make sure that the academy effectively communicates to all stakeholders, so that everyone feels part of academy life and has the opportunity to access information and events. 
  • Concerns or complaints: to act as an independent local point of contact for staff, pupils and parents to express their concerns. Academy Ambassadors will signpost people to the right channels for dealing with their issues and will ensure that any concerns or complaints are fed back to the AAG. Where any trends emerge, the Academy Ambassadors work with the Principal and other ambassadors to help find solutions. Academy Ambassadors will also always form the majority of members on any appeals panels.
  • Community: making sure that the pupils maximise on local opportunities by finding ways to keep the academy at the heart of the community and acting as a key link between the two. To really help the academy to explore what it can do to make the school a hub of community services.

The Scheme of Delegation for our Governance can be found here.

The terms of reference for the Academy Ambassadorial Advisory Group can be found here.

North Birmingham Academy’s Regional Team


Name Title Email
Stuart Belworthy Regional Education Director
Andy Crees Regional Operations Director
David Higgins Safeguarding & Attendance System Leader
SEND & Behaviour System Leader  
Gemma Fleury Data System Leader
Zar Sutton Regional Coordinator


North Birmingham Academy’s Ambassadorial Advisory Group Members 

Name Title Email
Errol Lawson Chair of the Ambassadorial Advisory Group  
Claire Austin Ambassadorial Advisory Group Member


Simon Bolwell Ambassadorial Advisory Group Member  
Zoe Hicks Ambassadorial Advisory Group Member


Catherine Preece Ambassadorial Advisory Group Member  
Sarah Williams Ambassadorial Advisory Group Member  


Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Are you a Parent or Carer, involved in Business and Commerce or a member of our local community or just feel you have something to offer?  We would love to hear from you.  Please write to  for assistance.