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Parent Forum

The North Birmingham Academy parent forum has been set up to enable parents and careers to positively contribute to the Academy. The Forum provides a valuable way for parents to present ideas and concerns, whilst giving the opportunity to participate in consultations or meetings. Our parent forum is made up of a group of parent and carer representatives who meet up regularly each term to discuss exciting possibilities for the Academy.

This knowledge is so valuable to the Academy as it helps us to improve the delivery of services and brings us closer to ensuring the needs of all children and their families are met. Working together and sharing knowledge helps to find solutions that work for all parties concerned.

Here are just a few of the items the Forum have been involved in so far:

  • Consultation for the most recent Academy behaviour policy
  • EBAC question and answer session
  • Trial of the Speak Easy sessions for parents, delivered by the Young Person’s Health Advisory service
  • Input to the most recent Academy Homework policy
  • Participating in a Guinness World Record
  • Local Housing Liaison Board awareness
  • Clean-up campaign
  • MacMillan Coffee morning
  • Friends of North Birmingham Academy fundraising events and meetings

If you are able to dedicate some time to volunteer as a Forum member then please get in touch with Jenny Smallman on T:0121 373 1647 or E: