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Principal's Welcome


Phillip Lloyd


I am delighted to welcome you to North Birmingham Academy and privileged to be the Principal.  


I am passionate about the role schools play in developing young people capable and passionate about contributing positively to the world around them.


As a school with nearly 1000 pupils, my aim is that as an Academy team we know every young person well enough to genuinely support their individual needs and ambitions.


Working with parents and partners, we share a commitment to ambitious aspirations for attainment and progress of students alongside a drive to enable NBA young people to develop personally through opportunities to be active, creative and experience the extraordinary.


Brokering aspirations to encourage students ambition and share with them the pathways they can follow to achieve their goals is an important role of the school. 

Encouraging all students to “think big” and “always do the right thing” is absolutely at the heart of the ethos and culture at North Birmingham Academy. 


As a school within the E-Act education trust, I am absolutely committed to our shared ambitions accelerate student attainment and contribute to community cohesion.


I expect students to focus their time on exploring, learning, getting involved, reaching out to people and asking questions. I want them to learn something new every day and challenge themselves to do things that they didn’t think possible.


North Birmingham Academy will provide students with opportunities to build, create, design – to find their passions and get better at them.


We encourage all young people to work hard every day and be determined to do well in everything they attempt. I expect to see this shine through in their behaviour in class, with friends, at home in the work they do and in their results.


Students should be proud to be part of the North Birmingham Academy community, where their education will empower them to be the best that they can be.   When they leave us, they will be well prepared for the next phase in their learning journey – wherever that may take them.


What experience do you bring to North Birmingham Academy?


As I drove through the gates at North Birmingham Academy for the first time this summer I was filled with an enormous sense of excitement, optimism and enthusiasm for the next phase of developing our school into the world class Academy we all seek at the heart of our community.


Summer 2016 has been an extraordinary period for me. I was thrilled to celebrate the successful outcomes of students in my previous school as they prepared for university, apprenticeships or employment.   I’m now looking forward to working with the NBA team to place our Academy firmly on the map of exceptional schools in our region.


25 years in successful roles across the education sector mean I am well equipped to lead North Birmingham Academy through it’s next period of history.


My first headship taught me a great deal.     The success our school is evidence of my drive to establish exceptional teams in a quest for world-class education for young people in my care.  


It is a genuine privilege to be in the role of Principal at North Birmingham Academy.  

What is your greatest achievement?


Professionally, my greatest achievement has come from the opportunity I accepted in 2012 to open a brand new school in Liverpool.


I was in a unique position, able to appoint the entire teaching and support staff team, develop a curriculum and recruit students to an extraordinary new school. I had the opportunity to work with industry leaders to develop a school designed to create new opportunities for students in line with the growing skills needs of employers.


Exam results are of course important and I was pleased with the success of students at the end of their GCSE studies and Sixth Form courses. However, what was much more important at the UTC was the wider curriculum and extraordinary opportunities we offered to challenge students to develop themselves and prepare for the wider world.


Everything we did was underpinned by our promise to students that there would be a university place, apprenticeship or job opportunity for everyone of them who took our advice, worked hard and made use of the chances they had for personal development at the school.


My proudest achievement has been our success in delivering our promise of a job, apprenticeship or university place for every student who graduated from the school.   I am confident they will make an extraordinary contribution to the world around them and have the confidence in themselves to explore their ambitions and create successful careers.


I now expect to deliver similar outcomes for students at NBA.