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Student Voice

The Student Voice Council programme at North Birmingham Academy allows our students to have a key role in the success and achievements of NBA. Each form at the academy annually elects two members to serve on its council, who take responsibility in voicing student’s opinions on how the Academy is run.

Student council members meet regularly with their tutor groups to discuss their peers’ views on a broad range of topics; from the uniform and the structure of the Academy day to day, the new catering system and subject options for Year 9 students. All of our student council leaders are confident and lead these sessions with the professionalism and maturity that is highlighted by students throughout our Academy.

Once a term, our nominated representatives’ meet with their Progress and Aspirations Leader (PAL) who are responsible for supporting student council members, making suggestions to them and debating issues of concern. The year group representatives will then take the two most urgent issues to an academy meeting, chaired by Mr Johnson. Students also have the chance to voice their ideas and issues through a dedicated email service, allowing more anonymous feedback.

This process allows the students at NBA to influence academy choices and make positive changes in the school based on student opinions. The school council have recently been involved in several changes around the school and have many more planned for the next year.